Empathy, interaction, and the future of work with Katri Saarikivi

Our next event will take place on 3rd of October at HUB13. Our topic will be Empathy, interaction, and the future of work by Katri Saarikivi.

Katri Saarikivi is a cognitive neuroscientist leading the NEMO Project at the Cognitive Brain Reaserch Unit of the Faculty of Medicine at Helsinki University. The project examines neural mechanisms involved in empathy and fruitful interaction and, in particular, how these mechanisms could be better harnessed in online communication. The research is driven by the question of what would the best complementarity of artificial and human intelligence be, how computers could better understand human emotions and how people could best interact via computers.

During the evening Ola Sundell from HUB13 will also give a presentation about HUB13 and their future plans.
Pizza and wine will be served.
Address: Hub 13, Porkkalankatu 20

Check out the section 'Membership' on how to become Futures Specialist Helsinki Friend.


Future of Energy (with Fingrid and Liikennevirta)

PLEASE NOTICE: This event is rescheduled for next year! We will announce the new date in the near future.

Welcome to explore the future of energy with us on Thursday 15th of December at 8:30 - 10:00 AM! The event is organized at Kontoret, Kampinkuja 2. 

The event is co-designed with Fingrid Oyj and Liikennevirta Oy. Fingrid takes care of the nation-wide high-voltage electricity transmission grid. Liikennevirta is the company building up the charging stations for electric vehicles.

We will hear two interesting speeches:

Risto Lindroos, Fingrid

• From the perspective of an ordinary citizen, what does the energy system of the future look like? How does this change the daily life?

• Smart grids are a new service platform creating a distributed and low-carbon energy system. Smart grids allow the customer to take part in the electricity market. Smart grids also increase the reliability of energy delivery, and create new business opportunities.

Elias Pöyry, Liikennevirta

• Crowdsourced, autonomous, electric: is this what the car of the future looks like?
• Why are the electric cars a huge thing?
• How fast are they spreading, and how popular are they going to be?
• Electric cars and energy citizenship
• Can you charge an electric car in minutes?
• Electric cars and smart energy

After the speeches, we are going to have a little workshop about the themes. See you at Kontoret!

Save the date: Upcoming events

April 22: Sodexo Workplace Trends 2016. A breakfast event for 40 people. Please register in our Facebook group's events. 

May 11:  Future Work Skills hosted by Maaretta Tukiainen Limited to 30 persons. Registration will open soon.

June 10:  Necorpoint Company Visit. The theme is market foresight. In the evening, we'll have our annual summer picnic dinner. 

Would you like to host an event? Do you have an interesting topic in mind? Please contact us and let's make it happen!

Introducing the new membership model

Dear futures specialists,

we are happy to announce that FSH has become a registered association. We have also published our new website and a membership model. The membership models are the following:

  • FSH Friend: 50 euros / year
  • FSH Follower: Free

As an active member of the Futures Specialists Helsinki association, you will pay a yearly fee of 50 euros to support our community’s mission (raising the awareness of futures thinking and creating lasting social and intellectual capital for members and society) and help with the rents and servings of our events. As a Friend, you do not need to pay any separate tickets for our monthly events. We organise ca. 10 events annually.

Why do we start collecting money? We established the network in 2012. Increasing the awareness of futures thinking and making it easier to approach have been important tasks for us and we have put our hearts and souls into this. In 2012 FSH with a devoted team organized the international LaFutura conference in Helsinki. The event was a success and started our activities with a bang. We also made a little bit of money out of it.

That money has allowed us to offer free events, drinks and food for a couple of years now. The sad news is that we are running out of that money. Hence we need your help to be able to organize high-quality events and other activities in the future, too. Pauli and Minna are already paying a part of the operating costs from their own pocket.

In the membership survey we found out that quite a few of you are willing and able to support the community by paying around 50 euros a year. That is awesome. This insight became the starting point for our FSH Friend membership fee. You can register as a Friend in our online shop. If you don’t consider that a valuable investment you can continue as an FSH Follower. Then you may need to buy a ticket for the events occasionally and you may lack some other benefits included only for Friends.

We are thankful for your support and looking forward to continue making an effort in increasing the awareness of our field together with you. Future is being co-created every day through our actions.

Kind regards,

Pauli, Minna & Kristina