Classics of Finnish Futures Thinking: Ilkka Halava

On 16th of November, we will have Ilkka Halava as our guest in our Classics of Futures Thinking event.

It will be an extraordinary evening as Ilkka has welcomed us to Villa Pohjankuru, his facility for coaching and training.

There will be space for 16 people. The time of the event is 5 PM - 9 PM, including transportation. Grab your ticket here!

We will use private cars for going to Pohjankuru (ca. 1 hour from Helsinki), but if we don't have enough of cars available, we will book a minibus. In this case, there will be an additional cost of ca. 25 euros.

The bus costs a little bit extra, but we are sure it would make the trip more meaningful, as we can share our ideas and experiences before and after the event.