Killer methods for futures thinking with Mikko Dufva

In March, we will hear about two interesting futures thinking methods. A new report about the future of work will also be presented. Please register for the event here!

Event information

22nd of March, 5 pm – 8:30 pm

Where: NewCo, Ensi linja 1, Helsinki 

Pizza, soft drinks and wine will be served.


Future of Work & Evolution of Futures Thinking Methods by Mikko Dufva (VTT)

Mikko has recently researched future of work and will present the outcomes. Additionally, as we'll concentrate on methods at this event Mikko will present the evolution of futures thinking methods.

After Mikko's presentation, we will be working to get to know two powerful methods for futures thinking.

Workshop: Killer methods for futures thinking

Two methods will be introduced and tested:

CLA method / Mikko Dufva

Drama & Roleplay for futures thinking / Eeva Raita, Futurice

About Mikko Dufva:

Mikko Dufva is research scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd working in the field of foresight. He has done projects related to the futures of synthetic biology, platform economy, forestry, mining and use of renewable energy. Currently he is working on a project about the future of work in Finland, funded by the prime minister's office. He is a Doctor of Science in Technology and his dissertation was about knowledge creation in foresight from a systems perspective. He has broad methodological expertise ranging from systems thinking, decision analysis and optimization to interactive planning, scenario analysis and participatory methods.

About Eeva Raita:

Dr. Eeva Raita is a social psychologist and a senior service designer at Futurice. Her expertise is deep human understanding. Academically seasoned, but a pragmatist at heart, she uses social psychology to build better business, work culture, and team cohesion. Eeva has a background acting, where she specialised in improvisation.