Future of AI with Jarno M. Koponen

Our next event is about artificial intelligence. We will hear two interesting presentations: 

The future of human agency in the age of artificial intelligence, product owner and designer Jarno M. Koponen

Jarno M. Koponen has been working on algorithmic personalisation for the past 8 years. His pioneering work on adaptive systems and predictive discovery has been featured in various international publications from the New York Times to Fast Company and New Scientist. He’s been writing about personalization, UX, personal data, machine learning & AI on Techcrunch. Jarno’s talk explores the future of human agency in the age of artificial intelligence. More about Jarno here.

During the evening we will also hear a case study from Futurice, presented by lead data scientist Antti Rauhala.

16th of May, 17.15.-20.00
Futurice, Annankatu 34 B, 00100 Helsinki

Please register here: 

FSH Friends registration (the event is free for those who have paid the annual FSH support fee)
FSH Followers registration (10 €)