Empathy, interaction, and the future of work with Katri Saarikivi

Our next event will take place on 3rd of October at HUB13. Our topic will be Empathy, interaction, and the future of work by Katri Saarikivi.

Katri Saarikivi is a cognitive neuroscientist leading the NEMO Project at the Cognitive Brain Reaserch Unit of the Faculty of Medicine at Helsinki University. The project examines neural mechanisms involved in empathy and fruitful interaction and, in particular, how these mechanisms could be better harnessed in online communication. The research is driven by the question of what would the best complementarity of artificial and human intelligence be, how computers could better understand human emotions and how people could best interact via computers.

During the evening Ola Sundell from HUB13 will also give a presentation about HUB13 and their future plans.
Pizza and wine will be served.
Address: Hub 13, Porkkalankatu 20

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