Future Talks
5:00 PM17:00

Future Talks

Tulevaisuusajattelun tunnettuutta edistävä Futures Specialists Helsinki moderoi 'Future Talks' tulevaisuuskeskustelua luottamuksen tulevaisuudesta, vaateista ja edellytyksistä. Tapahtuma tuo yhteen muotoilijoita, suunnittelijoita ja futuristeja.  

Kuinka muotoilulla voidaan lisätä luottamusta ja avoimuutta? Mitä tekoja tarvitaan, jotta luottamus syntyy? Millaisia uusia tuotteita, palveluita tai tapahtumia tarvitaan? Mitä luottamus tarkoittaa muotoiluprosesseissa?

Osallistamme yleisöä keskusteluun ja tuomme tapahtumaan muotoilun yhteiskehittämisen menetelmiä. Tulevaisuus tehdään yhdessä.

Tilaisuus on suomeksi.

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Endgame of Platform Economy - And What’s Next 22.8.2018 @Hub13
5:00 PM17:00

Endgame of Platform Economy - And What’s Next 22.8.2018 @Hub13

From humble nerdy startups to giant data monopolies the vision of platform economy has turned sour. Scandals of Uber and Facebook have shown the ugly side of the inevitable end game of the “winner takes it all” -playbook. It is time to change the conversation about platforms from unicorns and giants to people who create their value. And how that value could —and should— be distributed more equally.

During the event participants will also get a tutorial for Mesensei App and we'll get to try it in our network.

The event is hosted by Mesensei. The space is sponsored by Hub13

About Speaker:

Tuukka Ylälahti is a start-up entrepreneur, an advisor and a business angel, specialising in platform strategies with a global reach. Tuukka is currently the CEO and co-founder of MeSensei — a platform for building private social networks for knowledge transfer.

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FSH monthly event  / Ethical problems in AI (they are not what you think)
5:30 PM17:30

FSH monthly event / Ethical problems in AI (they are not what you think)

Ethical discussions concerning AI have concentrated on risks that superhuman AI have on our very existence. These are premature. Instead, we are in the middle of a phase where the present day narrow-field AI solutions become more and more integral part of everything we do. So instead of thinking about superhuman AI, we should concentrate on the ethical aspects of the narrow AI solutions: what kind of, and on which principles can AI systems make autonomous decisions concerning ourselves as consumers, and citizens, or what kind of safety measures should we have when humans and autonomous systems co-exist e.g. in the case of autonomous vehicles, or how do the AI solutions affect the job market. 

Ethical problems in AI
by Jaakko Särelä, PhD, Principal Consultant / AI Designer, Reaktor

Purpose Driven (Reaktor Presentation)
by Minna Kaitala, Brand Strategist, Reaktor

Event hosted by Reaktor

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FSH monthly event / Social Robots
5:30 PM17:30

FSH monthly event / Social Robots

An global outlook at the field of Social Robots - What are social robots and what will their role be in society? How close are we to a general purpose social robot? - A participatory session about one of the most interesting technologies of today, hosted by Futurice Robotics Lead, Olli Ohls

"One of the things that makes robots interesting is their capability to communicate with humans in the real 3D environment. This interaction is explored for example, when our robot teaches sign language basics to autistic children. " 

Friends = Those who have paid the membership fee: your ticket is free, but please let us know you are coming and sign up here:

Followers = those who have not paid the membership fee, your ticket is 10 €, and it can be purchased following the link:

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Futures Specialists Helsinki Open stage
5:30 PM17:30

Futures Specialists Helsinki Open stage

When: Wednesday 31.1.2018
Time: 17.30-20:30
Place: Futurice, Annankatu 34 B, 8th floor

Let's kick off the year 2018 with our concept 'Futures Specialists Helsinki Open Stage'. As the name refers in this open stage event anyone from our network can have her or his 15 minutes on stage to present a current futures related project (work related or other) or topic that they are passionate about.

We have the following interesting presentations:

- Minna Koskelo, Futures Specialists Helsinki: The need for futures thinking, story of FSH & FSH Manifesto
- Otto Tähkäpää, Tulevaisuuskoulu, Teaching Futures – why and how?"
- Anna Einola: Ennakoinnin vaikuttavuus / Case
- Joonas Koski, Valuemotive: AI & Empathy
- Annina Antinranta, FSH & Futurice: Design ethics & Emerging technologies (AI/IA

Pizza and drinks are served.

FSH Friend tickets (membership ticket)

FSH Follower tickets (for those who have not paid the annual fee) 

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