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FSH monthly event / Ethical problems in AI (they are not what you think)

  • Reaktor 4 Yliopistonkatu Helsinki, 00100 Finland (map)

Ethical discussions concerning AI have concentrated on risks that superhuman AI have on our very existence. These are premature. Instead, we are in the middle of a phase where the present day narrow-field AI solutions become more and more integral part of everything we do. So instead of thinking about superhuman AI, we should concentrate on the ethical aspects of the narrow AI solutions: what kind of, and on which principles can AI systems make autonomous decisions concerning ourselves as consumers, and citizens, or what kind of safety measures should we have when humans and autonomous systems co-exist e.g. in the case of autonomous vehicles, or how do the AI solutions affect the job market. 

Ethical problems in AI
by Jaakko Särelä, PhD, Principal Consultant / AI Designer, Reaktor

Purpose Driven (Reaktor Presentation)
by Minna Kaitala, Brand Strategist, Reaktor

Event hosted by Reaktor