We organise events monthly. To hear about our upcoming events, please join our Facebook group. Our event concepts are the following: 

Company Visit + Workshop

Do you have foresight operations you are proud of and want to introduce to others as well? Do you have an outstanding business idea for tomorrow you want to share? Or have you recently researched and discovered something that will make an impact for the future and want to spread and discuss the insights with people passionate about futures as well? Invite Futures Specialists Helsinki for a visit or co-design an event with us.

Companies and organisations we have visited and co-organised a workshop with include: Deloitte, Mehackit, Wärtsilä, Sitra, Ixonos and Futurice to mention a few. We appoint one person from the core team who will be the contact person and helps you planning and creating the event. The event can take place during the morning hours or in the evening.

Classics of Finnish Futures Thinking

Once or twice a year we invite futurists who have significantly shaped and contributed futures thinking in Finland. Stay tuned for these special events. Our first classic was professor Markku Wilenius

Open Stage

Once or twice a year we have futures specialists on stage with their latest concepts, insights and visions. Our first open stage event included presentations about singularity, the future of advertising, recycling and corporate foresight.

Tailored projects & brainstorming a specific theme

Do you have a project in which you would need futures specialists? The members of Futures Specialists Helsinki network represent different industries and they have a wide range of expertise and tools. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for futures professionals.

Annual traditions

Some of our events have become annual traditions. These meetings are usually about closing a season or starting a new one. Be prepared for a warm atmosphere and free-flowing discussions. 


We meet in a restaurant to enjoy a lovely dinner and a heartfelt atmosphere.


We end the spring season by eating together in a nice place.

Summer Camp