Futures Specialists Helsinki is a community for people passionate about futures thinking, trends and foresight. The group was founded in 2012 and has since created lasting social and intellectual capital for its participants.

Our mission is to raise awareness of futures thinking, because the future is created every day. The world is changing constantly and the change can be understood with the tools of futures thinking. The future can be researched. 

The community works as a forum for dynamic conversation, at best analytically constructive and creatively chaotic in its nature. Minna Koskelo and Pauli Komonen founded the group and remain responsible for the operation with Annina Antinranta.

We are local ambassadors for the global LaFutura network. FSH also organised the annual LaFutura conference in Helsinki in 2012. 

We meet regularly. To stay updated about our forthcoming events, please join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter. You can also subscribe to our newsletter with the contact form below. Futures Specialists Helsinki is a registered association with a membership model.