Manifesto for the Future


The world is changing in a faster pace than ever before. The future does not happen, we co-create it with our actions. Instead of passively settling for what is coming, we must choose to actively create a desired future for ourselves.



Finland has the potential to become a global futures laboratory and a benchmark in transportation, logistics, healtcare, energy, production, education, food systems and administration. However the legislation should support this.



The priorities in governmental support should be in line with the 100 New Opportunities for Finland and the World –publication. The Committee for the Future should review all the legislative bills.



Primary school education should be fit for the future. The focus should switch from teaching knowledge about the past, to exploring alternative futures. We can’t afford educating the new generation into a system that will soon no longer exists.



Our footprint matters. We are the first generation that understands thoroughly how climate change can alter the living conditions on planet Earth. We are among the last who can turn the tides. The time to make a difference is now.


Join us for building the next generation for a better humanity.