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Go ahead and invest in futures in the best manner you can to greatly double your money and live a happier life! Learn how we may assist you in making your targeted profit by investing in futures by using the navigation.

Our Process

learning design futuring

Follow our thorough research methodology, which covers a range of techniques to take into account potential, preferable, or preventable futures, to learn how to invest in design futuring.

enhancing futures literacy

By improving your future literacy, you may better comprehend the importance of the goal and the role that the future plays in your life.

exploring new narratives

Learn from the professionals we offer how to invest in futures, the finest platforms, and the best futures to buy for successful returns.

exploring alternative futures

Use experts' assistance or conduct your own research. You can introduce yourself to a world where you can select from a wide range of potential futures by visiting Futures Helsinki.








creatively chaotic


annual conference


Experimental Futures

Work creatively with interdisciplinary subjects to gain a broad understanding of experimenting with the future and how to use it to improve your life.

Strategic Foresight

With strategic foresight, you may use predictions of the future to foresee and prepare for any changes that are coming. This means that you no longer need always to be thinking.

Futures Research

Want to learn more about futures? Join a session or get in touch with the experts to learn about future-related social, scientific, and environmental developments.


"Their comprehensive and professional website guided me through every step of learning
about the finest futures I could use to increase my profits."
Michelle J. East

To raise awareness of futures thinking

As a team, we have been attempting to inform as many people as possible about futures. We have discussions, exchange knowledge,
work on projects, and create clubs where people with similar interests can get together and exchange ideas.

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Think like a Futurist to Prepare for the Future

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Uncertain of your future prospects? So come along as we demonstrate how
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